Quick Tub Walk-Thru Insert - quicktub

  • Non-slump formulation – won’t sag, drip or run on vertical or horizontal applications
  • Water proof and temperature resistant – unaffected by extreme heat or cold once cured
  • 2x stronger and 60x more flexible than Polyurethane


Please note: All Quick Tub Walk-Thru Inserts and Kits come with adhesive

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Extra adhesive for Quick Tub Walk-Thru Inserts. This adhesive is a superior performing non-sag adhesive with quick grab and rapid set-up.

Please note: All Quick Tub Walk-Thru Inserts and Kits come with the necessary products for a smooth and simple home installation.




Bathroom accessibility, so simple. Our complete line of Quick Tub inserts can convert ANY existing bathtub into a fully accessible shower. By cutting out a portion of the sidewall we can reduce the step in height of your tub by 12” depending on the insert most suited to your bathtub. The process of converting your tub takes as little as a few hours to complete, whether installed by a professional or doing it yourself. This simple product is the quickest and most affordable option for reducing slips and falls when showering. Our inserts have (offer?) some of the widest and deepest profiles on the market. In most cases the cost of this product can be submitted as a medical expense for income tax purposes1. All Quick Tub products are 100% North American made.

We make home installation as simple as possible. All inserts ordered online come complete with:


  • Walk-Thru Insert
  • Written instructions, adhesive, an angled nozzle extension and a disposable cutting template.
  • Complementary installation videos are available online as well.


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