Quick Tub Step In Bath & Shower Conversion System


This unique product converts your existing bathtub into a step-in shower.

  • Easier to step into the tub with side wall reduction of approximately 8 in.

  • Provides almost 2 ft. of flat area for you to step through

  • Available in various widths to ensure the best possible fit for your tub

  • Can be positioned to the left or right of the center of the tub

  • Makes using a tub bench or transfer seat even easier

  • Allows for easier access to caregivers

  • Available in white and speckled grey (select sizes)

QUICK TUB CAP® (Patented)

When used with the Walk Thru Insert, the Quick Tub Cap provides a fully functional bathtub.

  • Installed in seconds

  • Removable and takes up very little space when not in use and stored away

  • Lightweight – approximately 7¾ lb. (3.5 kg)

  • Lifetime seal warranty

  • Designed to work with many other Walk Thru manufacturers' products

  • Safer than products with attached caps, especially when a converted tub is used primarily for showering  


The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation agrees… houses need to adapt to life’s changes. CMHC’s FlexHousing approach shows how renovations, construction techniques and products can affordably meet a variety of lifestyle needs. Quick Tub products are prominently displayed.

Download the CMHC FlexHousing™ checklist

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