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Why Choose Quick Tub?

Why Choose Quick Tub™ Step in Bath & Shower Conversion System?

Quick Tub can extend an individual’s ability to remain independent and in their own home.

  • We designed our easy access bath and shower system primarily to help seniors and people with mobility issues.
  • It is a proven time and effort saving device for caregivers.
    • The walk through opening is the widest on the market.
      -  The opening is almost a full 2 feet wide. Since the door lifts off you are able to utilize the complete width of the opening.
      -  Our walk in bathtub opening is completely flat.
    • In an emergency situation, the door is easily removed unlike other products. Our patented Quick Tub door can be opened instantly using the two quick acting handles. Watch our videos
  • Quick Tub can be used in conjunction with affordable aftermarket tub benches or lift systems.

Our system is the quickest, easiest and most economical way to add a step in bathtub with shower to your home.

  • It provides a safe bathroom environment for the whole family by eliminating or reducing the number of slips and falls when bathing or showering.
    • Easier access to wash young children when the door is off
    • Full bathtub function for all with the door on
  • Save thousands of dollars compared to any of the alternatives – all of these require a costly and time consuming renovation of your bathroom:
    • removing the existing bathtub and replacing it with a full size walk in tub
    • removing the existing bathtub and replacing it with a shower
    • adding a shower to the existing bathroom
  • Your costs may be eligible for a tax deduction or government funding.

The Quick Tub step in bath and shower conversion system is easy to maintain.

  • The door can be stored upright and out of the way.
  • Our door’s high lustre appearance blends in nicely with tubs of any colour.
  • The Quick Tub Door comes with an industry leading warranty. For full details click here.
    • lifetime warranty on the door seal
    • 3 Year warranty on the door and all related hardware
  • It’s an environmentally responsible way to modify your bathroom without renovating. That means one less bathtub in your local landfill.

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Drawbacks to most step in bathtubs and other tub conversion systems:

  • Virtually all step in tubs have smaller entry points.
    • Door opening widths usually range from 14” – 18”.
    • Most have either a full or partial radius at the bottom of the step through.
    • Many have a sculpted side that narrows the step in opening to as little as 10”.
    • The shower space is small and confined.
  • Walk in bathtub doors generally open inward.
  • All have fixed doors that are present even when showering.
  • A fixed door with a smaller opening can impede access in an emergency situation.
    • An inward opening door is more difficult to open because of the water pressure exerted against it.
    • If a person is in distress or unable to move an inward swinging door can’t be opened.
  • Aftermarket walk in tubs can be a drawback to potential buyers when selling your home.

Quick Tub™ saves you time and money.

Please contact us today for more information or contact the distributor nearest you to order.

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